Night Owl Reviews Scavenger Hunt

For lots of great books and wonderful prizes, you've got to check out the Halloween Scavenger Hunt at Night Owl Reviews.
Here are a few of the comments about Sugarwater Ranch and other terrific authors.

On Sep 23, 2013, SteelerGirl said: Must Read Authors
  • 5 authors to try--Stephanie Berget, MJ Schiller, Starla Kaye, Rachel Harris, Cari Quinn

    On Oct 11, 2013, Loveallbooks said: Halloween Contest I found several new authors to read.
    • Taste the Heat by Rachel Harris
      Take two by Tracey Cramer-Kelly
      No Romance Required by Cari Quinn
      Sugarwater Ranch by Stephanie Berget
      Should've Know Better by Cassandra Carr
      I could keep going on:) But I'll stop here.

      On Oct 17, 2013, Shadow said: Boo!
    • There are so many amazing books! I want them all! lol Two tho, that really caught my eye are Sugarwater Ranch by Stephanie Berget & She's All In by Cathryn Cade. I cant wait to get my hands on these! Thank you! :) 

    • On Oct 29, 2013, Martha said: Halloween Scavenger Hunt
      I found several books that are going on the to buy list! They are:
      Suzanne Johnson - Elysian Fields
      Zoe Dawson - Hounded
      Stephanie Berget - Sugarwater Ranch
      Lisa Kessler - Hunter's Moon
      Traci Douglass - Seal of Destiny

    • The fun ends on October 31, so check out  
    • The Night Owl Reviews Halloween Scavenger Hunt
      for prizes, free books and great reading.


  1. Nice, Stephanie - I know all but one of those authors... Now who is that Stephanie Berget???

    1. There are some really fun books on the blog hop. Oh, darn, I'm going to have to go shopping.