Who’s Your Bookish Boyfriend?

The famous, or is it infamous, Julia Rachel Barrett tagged me with this meme. Thanks, I think.

When I read the title of the post, the first man I thought of is Jamie Fraser from Outlander. He's not the type I'd pick for this article, but then, he's Jamie. Enough said.

So here's how this works according to Julia:  We all have our favorite book boyfriends and now you have the chance to create one just for yourself and your fantasies! How do you play? Fill out the quiz bellow, post a picture of sexy man and tag five (5) other book addicts to do the same. Don’t forget to pop over to their blogs and let them know they have been tagged! Once tagged… you have to do the same, answer the questions and keep it rolling! But don’t forget the picture of the sexy man!

Here are the questions.

Hair color and style:  Dark brown and needing a haircut.

Eye color and facial features:  Light blue eyes and a strong jaw. Not too pretty. Handsome in a rugged way.

Height and body type:  Five feet ten inches or so.  I'm short, and if he's too tall, I get a crick in the neck from looking up. I love muscular shoulders but not the overblown muscle man type. Lean and fit is perfect.

Visible age:  My husband’s age – whatever it happens to be at the time. I agree with Julia on this.

Bangability?  Kinky?  Bi?  Etc?:  What? No, No, No. He has to be all mine, all the time.

Interests:  Rodeo, Team Roping, Barrel Racing, Reading my work, being outside.

Human or Alien or Shifter?:  Human all the way.

Paranormal skills: Being able to fly when the cows are out to round them up. Have super strength when I need to rehang a gate.

Natural habitat:  The great outdoors.  On the farm or in the mountains. Living as far from others as we could get.

Special skills:  Like superman skills? Able to communicate with horses and dogs and me on occasion, Able to talk me off the ceiling.
 Here's the picture.

I tag…Amberly Smith, Jennifer Kellie, Renea Mason and Nicky Pentilla.


Blogging and The Cowboy and the Trophy Gopher

I struggle when it comes to writing blog posts. I know. You’d think someone who can talk non-stop to anyone and anything would be able to put a few words down on a paper once a month. I panic just thinking about crafting an article on subjects the social media experts tell me are important. Among their suggestions are writing about craft, research, my process or my books. Heck, I have no idea what my process is, much less how to teach it to someone else.

I’ve resorted to trolling the websites of people I follow and scanning the newspaper for interesting ideas, but as soon as my mind hears blog post, it goes blank. The only time I have writer’s block is when I try to update my website or post here.

So when I read Kristen Lamb’s Blog titled Blogging for Authors, and How A Banana Slicer Saved My Marriage, I didn’t expect to have a light-bulb moment. It was more like a flashbulb moment. I’ve got to admit, I clicked on Kristen’s page to see what the banana slicer was all about, because she’s really funny and I was trying to write this and needed a laugh. Instead I realized I’ve been going about this blogging thing all wrong.

Thanks to Kristen’s eye-opening information, I realized my inspiration needed to come from the things I know and enjoy. Instead of struggling to blog about how to persevere, or setting writing goals, I have a treasure trove of subjects at my fingertips. Cowboys, rodeo, training horses, barrel racing adventures and misadventures with the best and craziest traveling partners on the face of the earth are all subjects I’m not only familiar with but have lived through, thank my lucky stars.  

To quote the question and answer that slapped me upside the head, Kristen asks, “Why are we trying to build a following/fan base for a right-brain product with a left-brain TOOL?”

Her answer: Craft, the industry, our process, and our research are our tools for our art, but they ARE NOT our art. Writers are artists. A writer’s expertise is looking at the world in a unique way mere mortals can’t. THAT is what readers (fans) gravitate to.”

Looking back on my miniscule blogging experience, my most popular blog is The Cowboy and The Trophy Gopher, one of the many true adventures I’ve had since marrying the Bronc Rider, oh so many years ago. Instead of blogging about a subject I’m still learning--writing, I am excited to write about all of the amazing, stupid, exhilarating and downright mindboggling things I done. What better subject could I have to write about than cowboys and cowgirls?