Radio Rose and Sizzling Summer Reads

Woohoo!!! It's release week for Radio Rose. Pop the cork on the champagne and toss the glitter!
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Cowboys and aliens all in the sex-change capital of the world.

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Radio Rose- Book 1 in the Change of Heart Cowboys series.

Radio Rose knows Martians aren’t real.

As a DJ for a late night talk show about extra-terrestrials, she’d never admit to being a non-believer. Talking to crazies all night isn’t the perfect job for most people, but she’s happy with her solitary life. Until a middle of the night car crash and a blow to the head has her mistaking a stranger for a real life alien.

Adam Cameron, raised by his narcissistic grandfather for most of his childhood, made his escape from Careless, Colorado the day he turned eighteen. Forced to return ten years later for the reading of his grandfather’s will, he’s about to be pulled into a contest for a vast fortune and the future of a town he’d just as soon forget.

Relationships aren’t one of Rose’s strong points. Hell, she mistook the hot stranger for an alien the first time they met, but Adam needs help and she’s the woman to help him--maybe.

In a town filled with new-found friends, Rose has to decide how far she’s willing to go to trust the loner.

And here's an excerpt from Radio Rose:

The thing grabbed her upper arms and shook her. “Stop fighting me. I'm not going to hurt you.”
"That's what they all say,” Rose shrieked, “just before they abduct you.”
“Stop it!” The tone and volume of the words penetrated the static in her head, and she quit struggling. This alien spoke perfect English in a deep voice with no sign of an accent.
She focused her eyes on the way his T-shirt stretched across his muscular chest then slid her gaze up until she came to his face. She was surprised to see a very good-looking man. No not a man, an alien in human form.
With dark blond hair, long black lashes surrounding his navy blue eyes and a delectably, kissable mouth, he was the personification of her make-believe boyfriend. She licked her lips and lifted one hand to touch his face before coming to her senses.
Boy, aliens had taken morphing to a whole new level. It would be easy to relax into his strong arms, but she needed to keep what senses she had left sharp.
“Are you hurt?” he asked.
Rose was still in shock and shook her head. Glass shards of pain sliced into her brain. She slammed her eyes shut and sucked in a breath.
The helmet slipped to the side, and he gently lifted it off her head. Pressing it into her hands, he waited for her to open her eyes.
She peeked at her helmet and saw half the lights had burned out. “Damn, piece of shit helmet. This piece of crap is guaranteed for ten years. How am I going to make good on the guarantee if I’m abducted? Answer me that.”
“Are you dizzy?” he asked. “Can you walk?”
As she lifted her gaze to his eyes, firefly sparkles flashed across her vision. She’d forgotten he was there. She tossed the helmet to the ground. I must be out of my mind. Abducted by aliens, and I’m worrying about that piece of junk.
As she tried to answer, the words froze into little clumps of ice and melted back down her throat.
“How many fingers do you see?” he asked, holding up one hand.
“Hold them still so I can count.”
“How many?” he asked again, impatience riding on each word.
It seemed a stupid question for an alien to ask, but now was not the time to question these guys on their mathematical skills. Focusing her eyes, she counted the fingers slowly, twice then told the truth. “Seven.”
“You need to sit down while I try to get us out of here.” He carried her to a vehicle, opened the door and placed her on the seat.
“Don't take me with you. Please. I'm not a normal human. I wouldn't make a good specimen,” Rose pleaded as she stuffed her trembling hands between her knees to hide the shaking. “Really, I'll skew your results.”
She focused her vision and concentrated on his features. Nothing was making sense. He looked like a human, a darn nice one, but her callers had told her aliens could change form at will.
He placed her helmet in her lap. Only a light, here and there, was blinking now. Forty-nine dollars and ninety-nine cents down the drain when she didn’t have money to spare. But if she disappeared into outer space to be experimented on, money would be the least of her worries.
She didn't have the energy to fight him when he lifted her legs, put them in the spaceship and dug around until he found the straps to tie her down. He reached across her, belted her in and shut the door. Now she was trapped. Running her fingers over the door, she tried to find the handle. Before she could make her move, she felt the spaceship lifting off.
She’d listened countless times as her callers talked about their experiences with this exact thing. In her mind, she’d discounted them as being delusional.
Now she remembered what Louise, a regular caller, had said. “They put me in a huge, bright capsule. The takeoff was smooth as glass, and silent as a forest after a snowstorm.”
Her spaceship jerked. With each move, her head spun and noise burrowed into her skull with all the finesse of a jackhammer. There was no beautiful machine here, just a piece of junk, kind of like her Geo.
Just her luck she’d get this puny, puddle jumper of a spaceship. They probably didn’t even serve inter-flight drinks, and she could use a shot of bourbon. As the vehicle jerked again, she grabbed the edge of the seat. Make that two.

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