Memorial Day Thanks

This was a good week. Celebration and remembrance of those who sacrificed so we can retain our freedom always makes me thankful. It's inspiring to drive along the streets of my small town and see row after row of flags waving in the breeze. Well, it was more like a hurricane than a breeze, but that didn't detract from the beautiful red, white and blue.

For our family, Memorial Day is a time to remember Howard Schoonover. Although I didn't have the pleasure of meeting my mother's older brother, I've always called him Uncle Howard. He was a bombardier on a B-29 in Korea and was shot down just after takeoff from the base. All on board were killed.

I'd like to give thanks to Uncle Howard and all the other selfless men and women who gave all to their country. Do you have any special people or memories you'd like to share?

As for my #writemotivation goals, I'm doing great on the exercise and finally found time to edit. I back on track with only a few more days. How is everyone else doing?


Country Total Body Workout

I think I've found out a sure fire way to make my fortune. Total Body Country Workout. That's the name of my new business. Instead of going to a crowded exercise facility, you can come to the farm, workout in the fresh air and enjoy the outdoors.

Replace the treadmill by walking several miles a day around the farm. It will do wonders for thigh and calf muscles. Hiking to the grain fields is a complete lower body workout.

Throw away the dumbbells and forget the curls. Grab the shovel and hoe. Lift pounds of mud to clear the corrugate furrows so the water goes where it does the most good. Enjoy the sunshine while working on deltoids and biceps. Pause to catch your breath and listen to the birds singing and the wind rustling through the trees.

Need an extra workout? Lose the stair stepper. Trudging through ankle deep mud that sucks your feet deep and refuses to let go. Struggling to free each foot, each step will sculpt a spectacular gluteus maximus.

Lose weight and get in shape while immersing  yourself in nature all for the low, low price of $9.95 a month. In fact, if you'll come help, we'll give you the first three months for free.

Try the Total Body Country Workout today.

Oh, and I've more than met my #writemotivation exercise goals for the week, make that the month. My editing goal, not so much.
Farming vs #writemotivation

My goals for #writemotivation were pushed off track this week. We have eighty acres of new seeding, oats and alfalfa. This is the first watering of the season, and I feel like I've been run over by a truck.

Trudging through mud and using a hoe to get the water down the right corrugates is exhausting, not to mention the blisters. If I hadn't spent the last few years sitting at my computer, I'd be in better shape and could take this in stride. In case you hadn't realized, typing is sedentary and farming is not.

I remember when I got my day job as a secretary. I thought I had found heaven. The work was so much easier than the farming I had done for ten years. It was a easy, physically, but I had forgotten how nice it is hearing  the birds sing and watching our dog play in the water. There is nothing better than standing in the middle of a field, listening to quiet.

As for my goals, the first was easy: exercise for thirty minutes a day. Done and done.
The second is to edit ten pages a day. I've made five several times, but the rest will have to wait on the water.

How are the rest of you doing?
 #writemotivation and the super moon

I tried for a picture of the moon on Saturday night, but my camera exposure was off. I had a great picture of night but no moon. I settled on a picture of Communication instead.

This is my first post for #writemotivation, and I'm excited. I met my goals for the first week of May, barely, but as the Cowboy always says, "A win is a win."

My first goal is the easiest and the most fun--call my mom once a week. She initiates most of the calls, I need to make the effort and see what shes up to now. With my mom, I never know. She's got more energy than ten people.

My second goal was to edit at least ten pages of my WIP each day, and I've exceeded so far. Yeah!

The third goal is to exercise thirty minutes a day. I thought this would be hard, but my darling husband helped by planting eighty acres of alfalfa and wheat. Gated pipe needs to be set in order to water. Mother nature helped out by raining buckets the first of the week, but we need to be able to irrigate by Thursday. Farming is the best (worst) exercise in the world, and it can't be postponed.

How is everyone else doing? Have your met your goals?