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  Catherine changed into her pajamas, her arms and legs so heavy she wasn’t sure she could make it to the bed. Gator was curled into a ball on the bedside rug. She rubbed the dog’s ears then climbed into bed and snuggled under the covers. At last, she could sleep. 
But as she lay in the dark, her mind wouldn’t quit whirling. Having a stranger in her house unsettled her. Even though she knew his name, she really didn’t know him. She hadn’t seen Sean since she was twelve.

Her feet hit the cold floorboards, and she padded across the room to her antique dresser. Pushing and shoving, again and again, she moved the heavy piece of furniture until it stood guard in front of her bedroom door. It wasn’t as good as a deadbolt lock, but better than nothing. This way he couldn’t sneak up on her while she slept. She doubted he was going to wake in the next twelve hours, but a girl couldn’t be too careful.

She’d lived by herself since she’d returned to Dalhart, so it never occurred to her to get a lock for her bedroom door. Tomorrow she’d call Uncle Ray and have him pick up a deadbolt at the hardware store. She’d be prepared for the next time, if there was a next time.

As the first pink rays of dawn lit the sky, Gator woke her from a deep sleep, whining and pawing at her bedding. On a normal night, he stayed outside and had the run of the yard. He was ready for his normal night.

With Sean in the house, Catherine had kept the dog in her room as added protection, but now he wanted out. She felt her way across the room, flipped the latch then slid the window open. Gator hopped through into the large backyard and began to explore his territory. After closing the window, she dropped back into bed. By the time her eyelids had closed, she was asleep again.

Uncle Ray owned the old farmhouse where she’d lived since she’d come back to Dalhart. It was less than three miles from the bar and one of the perks of the job. Living alone, Catherine was used to her house being silent unless she made noise. She heard someone moving outside her bedroom door, and panic filled her sleep-fogged brain.

Memories of the night before flooded back. The man she’d brought home must be awake. She heard mumbling and a small crash, followed by loud swearing. She pulled the covers up to her chin and debated what to do. Did she want to leave the safety of her room? If she waited long enough, maybe he’d go away. Then she remembered his truck was still at the bar. He wasn’t going anywhere.

She pulled on jeans, running shoes, and a thermal shirt. After pushing the dresser just far enough to slip through, she turned the doorknob slowly so as not to make a sound and inched open the door. The hall was empty, but the sound of water running let her know someone was in the bathroom.

 With her back pressed against the wall, she was careful to be quiet as she crept along the hallway. Leaning forward, she stuck her head around the corner of the door.

Quiet be damned. There, in the buff, was one of the nicest butts she'd ever had the privilege of ogling. Not that she'd seen many naked men’s butts, but she was sure this was prime real estate. Holy cow, where was her cell phone when she needed a camera?

The man stood at the sink with his head under the faucet, her quilt pooled at his feet. She should leave, she really should, but her feet were pasted to the floor, her heart beating so hard she was afraid he'd hear. Her fingers tingled with the desire to touch. Without thinking, she put her hand against the door, moving it just enough for the hinge to screech.

He straightened, and looking in the mirror, stared directly into her eyes.

She'd been caught, and she wanted to run, but the sight of his green eyes locked on her kept her motionless.

Without a word, he bent to retrieve the quilt. Wrapping it around his waist, he turned to face her, and her eyes focused on his six-pack abs. The slight movement of his mouth as he smiled drew her attention to his face. The scar running through his left eyebrow kept him from being a pretty boy. He was the whole package, candy to her sweet tooth. Then she remembered how she’d found him last night.

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Meet Sean O'Connell--Bull Rider

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Book Boyfriends...

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Pull up a chair and get to know every single one. I’d love to introduce you to my hero...

  Sean O'Connell 

Sean was raised in a rodeo family in the small ranching community of Dalhart, Oregon. He's spent the last ten years doing just what he wants, following the rodeo trail, riding bulls and partying with his friends. If you ask Sean, he'd tell you there is no better feeling than climbing on a hard bucking bull.


For the first time in years, he's landed back in Dalhart, in the middle of the winter, forced to take a job on a local ranch. And the funny thing is, he kind of likes it.


The blond, green-eyed cowboy loves a good party almost as much as riding bulls. His only problem is that partying has gotten in the way of his bull riding and now he's got to figure out how to get back on track.

Here's an excerpt from Sugarwater Ranch, a contemporary rodeo romance,  which will be released on April 26th and available at Amazon, All Romance, Evernight Publishing, and Bookstrand.

“What about your family?” Catherine asked. “I know Frannie, and I knew of your mother. You come from nice people.”
“Nice people, that’s my family,” Sean muttered, “all but me.”
She glanced over to him. “You’re nice people. You just hide it well.” The giggle burst out of her.
Sean had never heard her giggle. She didn’t seem like the giggling type of woman. Then he realized what she’d said.
“I hide it well? And I suppose you can see right through me to the warm chocolaty core?”
She giggled again then laughed outright. And laughter looked very good on Catherine Silvera.
“Chocolaty core. Good description. I just need to lick through the hard sugar shell.”
Oh hell, the mental image just about blew him out of his boots. 

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